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Taste is a powerful sense and drives our opinions and repurchase of foods. Its very important that your food products taste great and is better than the competition. The tongue has on average between 2,000 and 10,000 taste buds and you want to excite them all! A great way to make sure you are exciting every possible taste bud is by utilising a trained taste panel during your product development or benchmarking.

At JSR plus+ our taste panels are conducted with a group of specifically selected panellists assessing products through sensory evaluation, scoring a variety of characteristics including smell, flavour and texture and giving their overall opinion. Panellists are selected following screening and training to ensure they can distinguish product characteristics and provide an accurate description of a product. The taste tests are conducted “blind”, in individual booths and in a controlled environment to ensure minimal bias from light, sound and brand packaging.

We use state-of-the-art software for both collection of panellists results and statistical report generation. This software allows us to deliver your results from taste panels within 24 hours of the panel concluding.

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