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Have you got a real taste for food? If so, JSR Plus+ could have the perfect role for you.

JSR Plus+ is a division of the JSR Farming Group based in Southburn. We provide taste and texture analysis for a variety of food companies, including international businesses. To fulfil our customer needs, we are aiming to increase the pool of available panellists to keep up with the increased demand for sensory analysis.

Prospective panellists go through a screening day where they will be trained to identify the four basic tastes – salt, sweet, bitter, and sour. After basic tastes have been tested, panelists will complete a range of activities to determine their visual skills.JSR Plus+ panellists will use state of the art software to complete training and customer analysis.

It’s a voluntary role with all expenses covered, and we need more people on our team to ensure that we have enough panellists available for analysis when required.

JSR is an integrated farming business which includes pigs, so a lot of the tasting does involve pork, however we also taste a variety of food products from cheese to bacon and wine to chocolate depending on customer requirements.

The taste panels are held at the Yorkshire Wolds Cookery School in Southburn which are the perfect facilities for a variety of events.

Should you wish to volunteer for JSR Plus+, contact Georgina on 07741 249697.

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