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  • What kind of products can you test?
    If you can eat or drink it then we can test it!
  • My target demographic is quite specific, can you accomodate that?"
    We can be flexible to your needs, allowing us to run at taste panel wherever your target demographic is.
  • Can I ask specific questions in the taste panel?
    The software we use allows us to tailor the questions to each customer, gaining the best insights from the panellists.
  • How much does a Taste Panel cost?
    Each package is tailored to the customer requirements, including their budget. We are very competitively priced compared to other service providers out there.
  • Which service is right for my project?
    Each service has different benefits and advantages, we will guide you through the process to ensure your goals are met.
  • What is the difference between a Consumer Panel and a Taste Panel?
    Our Taste Panel consists of trained panellists that are continuously assessed to ensure that their ability to detect minute differences between products is kept at a calibrated level. Whereas a Consumer Panel is made up of untrained panellists from specific demographic groups, allowing you to gain insights from a particular area of the market.
  • Do we have to provide our own panellists?
    Taste Panel will manage the project completely, unless you have specific panellists you would like to use.
  • What do the results look like?
    We can tailor result presentation to each customer, whether it be raw data or a finished report.
  • What type of venue is needed to host a taste panel?
    A majority of taste panels can be held at our Yorkshire Wolds Cookery School. BUT locations across the UK are also achievable.
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